Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Turkish foreign minister: last chance for a solution


...fluff for the masses. Turkey, more correctly, Erdogan's Turkey, needs a success in their foreign affairs more than ever; a Cyprus divided is their worst possible outcome. Cyprus being a National issue, represents a template for what "Turkishness" is supposed to mean. For over fifty years, in Cyprus, the "Turks" have isolated themselves, and their exchange with "others" (read: "Greek"). This much is clear, such a policy has not resulted in an independent and self-sustaining community of "Cypriot Turks", it has failed, what is "Turkish" remains a costly barrack with services for the elite, and the Turkish Army.

...when it comes to it, if there is only flag waving left, someone will die for the Flag in the occupied parts, the Flag of Cyprus. I ask, who will join in that fight against "this", for a Cypriot way? Cypriots, Greek and Turkish, i suppose, (the other half,) maybe even the "Greeks", all of them, against a foreign occupation.

...indeed, he (Erdogan) managed to get people out in the streets under their Flag, and for Democracy, in Turkey. It is a sword that cuts both ways, mind you, with the way Turkey has been divided, (and in Cyprus in seeking to divide,) the Cyprus Problem is their problem, Cyprus needs to exist for Cypriots accordingly.

Monday, September 19, 2016

In defence of the Federal Republic of Cyprus


...warm winds are blowing in the hearts of Cypriots it seems, what with these comments from Mr. Alper, and those just recently of another contemporary, Michalis Attalides in another paper.

At this juncture i will add that a Turkish Constituency does not preclude the existence at a future date of other Cypriot Constituencies. As a set of Cypriot Constituencies, "Turk"/ not "Turk", does not well define the Cypriot ethnos. My hope at this point, is that the framers of the Constitutional reforms we need have considered that with the success of this Constituency, a Turkish Constituency, the others may find in having self-representation as Persons, the same benefit.

While there exists a Cypriot Government, which can reform itself, and a Turkish Constituency, let us be clear, they are only equally committed to the Universal Principals all Humans hold dear, they are not equals. An equal to the Turkish Constituency would be (an) other Cypriot Constituencies as active toward sustaining as Persons a distinct identity. Until the Greek community in Cyprus, or the Arab speaking, Latins, (or English), as Persons, express the same commitment to their National identities through Assembly, as Turkish Cypriots, there will be no equal to the Turkish Constituency; much depends on their success, if from their success, it is emulated.

Grecophones may represent an overwhelming majority, but the point is mute. Unitary or Federal, this Government, of the Republic, can have no equal, in any case, just as Freedom has no equal. Although futuristically, a set of Cypriot Constituencies, in unanimity perhaps, could represent an equally powerful voice, toward driving, then, Constitutional change, at present Grecophones do not have the same needs, better ways to execute their needs, is and should still be a concern to them. Canada, for example, Canadians find strength in their diversity, one Canada exists to and for all Canadians, and while many National elements compose the Canadian mosaic, (not just French/English, not just Native/White, not just North/South) it is a melting pot within these contexts as well; something to think about. While Cypriots, as Greeks, may see themselves as a part of a vast majority, or, as Turks, a part of a minority, a minority within its own confines, is a majority where they, likewise, can demonstrate a recognition and respect for their own minority's special needs. In Cyprus, needless to say minority rights, will take on a greater importance; it will have to work both ways. And, like in Canada, this open-mindedness, a welcoming presence, that you do not have to be "Greek" to be Greek, or "Turkish" to be Turkish, offers to Citizens of Cyprus what should be, a limitless potential to become facilitators for social-exchange at the cross-road to three continents, and in many languages: they have only to choose.

A Cyprus solution? A brief view of what is important


...many Cypriot Constituencies can exist. Cyprus is an ethnos, not, "Turkish" and not "Turkish", or, "Greek" and not "Greek". Cypriots exist, they remain, despite the efforts to marginalize such an intention (by "Greeks" and "Turks").

Recognition of a Turkish Cypriot Constituency, is possible, if it exists within the context of a set of Cypriot Constituencies. While representing Persons, offering self representation toward sustaining this distinct identity, as electors, they (any Constituency of this set of Constituencies which chooses to do so) will be closer to their taxes spent toward their own efforts. But, as Individuals, and at a superior level of government, Cypriots, beyond Liberties like these which they may enjoy, to secure them, they need to secure the Freedom which comes from demonstrating a commitment to Universal Principals, as Cypriots, without further distinction or discrimination, willing to defend (a Rule of Law, and) each other.

...when i think of a BBF (Bicommunal Bizonal Federation), i think of Canada, and the USA. that regard the Republic of Cyprus should have no equal.
      ...(while its government(s) defend Universal Principals equally)

...enclaves are not a dirty word. Even if the "Green line" remains little unchanged, Free Movement, Free Association, and Free Expression, are all encouraged with the geographic insertion of enclaves on the map of Cyprus, north and south. In any case, Justice seen, for the displaced, requires from all Cypriots their recognition and respect. Some at least should return as they left, as Communities, not just as Individuals. The "Green Line" cannot exist but as a frontier among many, or for the good of Cypriots, and if not, it should not exist not at all.

"Something", entirely "Turkish", or entirely "Greek" should (if need be) represent, something entirely small. In any case, and in that regard, nothing more than 1.5% land-wise, i think, is acceptable for either party as such,  because in over fifty years of having divided Cypriots, holding the Agenda, they have failed to provide a justification for "their" existence, to the rest of us (as Human beings).

...witness the Occupy Movement in Nicosia a few years ago; the youth in Cyprus, not so easily divided: they are (and were) Cypriot, and despite their differences they remained united for a Cypriot way as Cypriots. New thinking is needed from the political elite, what with the lack of charity they, these young Cypriots received, toward their efforts to "take back" Cyprus from its  interlocutors, from them, then. Witness today, in a strange counter-intuitive kind of way, Eroglu is not heading to the negotiations, Akinci is. Witness this same desire from Koray Basdogrultmaci and Cinel Senem Husseyin, having to win the right to "being" Cypriot.

It is a singular message.

... thus, i think the President needs the credibility of winning Individual votes, whatever ethnic origin they may declare themselves to be (or to be a representative of). To lead, it would be reasonable to imagine that a leader could (or should) hold a majority of seats in the legislature where they present an Agenda. If the State was represented with a Bicameral Legislature, it would be possible to have representation by population, and by Party politics. I suggest that at a Federal Election, every Citizen is given three votes, one from each slate offered at their polling station, for a Turkish Cypriot Representative, and a Greek Cypriot Representative, of an Upper Chamber divided equally as seats for the winning candidates, Parties offered on two of these slates, and a third vote, from a third slate, for an Independent Representative of the Lower House, for sober second thought, (a Lower House will offer, regions, minorities (in the context: not "Greek", not "Turkish"), and other minorities,) a voice in making better Law, their debate, to open public consideration, (and Amendments), to secure transparency in the making of Law, they would vote by consensus, respectively, for their electorate as a neighborhood directly. The Leader of the Party winning a majority of seats in such an Upper House, facing such a Lower House, would surely have the confidence, and the representation to lead all Cypriots.

Beyond what could be, or should be, there is Cyprus now. Direct action means more flags that people will sit under. In that regard, in our daily lives, more can be done to do so. This message loud and clear can be brought to the present day ruling class, if when they dare to look out their windows they see such a flag, the Flag of Cyprus, flying from a rooftop, or on a car, as one which cannot be ignored among the many already there, because it is always there, there are more there, in their view. This, Cypriots can do for themselves, now. And in doing so, move closer to each other, seen, as Cypriots, an end, for a better future. the context of, "a ratio", it, should not be set in stone, Constitutionally speaking. Cypriots cannot assume in a world such as ours, that this ratio will not change, or that the demographics will remain the same as the world changes around Cyprus; it is another reason for a Cyprus in terms of representation, for Cypriots, whether representation for "Greeks", or "Turks", "Maronites", "Armenians", or even "British", exists or not.

...enjoyed the article/opinion; thanks.




Thursday, September 15, 2016

‘Dream solution’ of a federal Cyprus


...we are near a solution, we hope at least.

...wish I was there, Mr. Alper; I hope to be reading about the lecture in any case, hope it is well received.

...indeed, Cyprus is the template, where, if perfect, its emulation in Turkey, another country in need of Constitutional reform, in need of a solution like a BBF, would be enriching. One Flag flies highest in Turkey, where one does not imagine a Turkey broken apart. One Flag in Cyprus, likewise on the same basis. Cypriot Constituencies can exist within a Federal Republic, at another level of Government, Turkish Constituencies in the same manner can exist, too.

...minority rights, what a majority means, and the willingness to defend each other without distinction or discrimination as a whole, all have to be defined, (in Cyprus). Along with the words Freedom and Libert(ies)y, State and Nation(s), Individual and Person(s), Equality and Equal(s), quite beyond Left and Right, or "Greek" and "Turk", there is, a Cypriot way which when realised one hopes all Humanity will gain from its clarity; an end to the Problem, meanings for these words held in high esteem, and engaged.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bright future ahead for Turkish Cypriots in Cyprus settlement


...there is the man Akinci, who stands with no flag behind him. Let us remember who elected him for what, why Eroglu lost, in what was a referendum. Cyprus is filled with Cypriots, not just the other half who call themselves "Greeks", or "Turks", this much is clear. Does he have the courage to represent them? As yet this remains unclear.