Friday, November 29, 2013

Turkish MP supports ‘peace pipeline’


...oh to dream.

...managed resources regionally (and the environmental consequences), a pipeline through Cyprus of gaz, why not water to the Middle East (from Turkey)?

...yet if i was a European, or even a Middle Eastern, I would not put all my eggs in Turkey's basket, as friends, the Policy of this Government, is zero.

Cypriots are not "Turks", or "not Turks" (read: "Greeks"), just like the Alevi, Kurds, and Turks in Turkey, they are Cypriot. In my mind, if Turkey was a Bicommunal Bizonal Federation, such dreams could come true.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Water - The Propaganda Regime of "TRNC"


...for now the 'pipedream' has been reduced to a political tool without any indication that there is a larger goal. it has less to do with water as a resource, and more to do with being a quick fix that wins votes. "you" use it as a weapon against a Cyprus which should be Free, so that a subjugation lost to the British can be regained; at its extraordinary cost, it is hard to imagine that it is to quench the thirst of those "Turkish", on the island. don't get it vp, it is about management, and when this dream was just a dream, over twenty years ago, it was to serve a wider purpose, this is what's lacking, Turkey at present has tarnished herself, taking her eye off the ball, the Globe and our affairs as Humans, and in truth, Turkey as a leader in the World, is failing. pipelines may be built, so too from (and to) Lebanon (e.g.). the need for a grid, a regional administration will evolve, like it has with other resources; it will likely not be formed from "Turkish" thinking, Turkey, at this rate, will likely be the last to join.

Saturday, November 09, 2013


It is important for Cypriots to raise their voices as Cypriots, because without them, the debate will continue to revolve around those among us who place "Turkishness" or "Greekness" above the love Cypriots have for their island. As Persons we can celebrate our distinctiveness, and the richness of each's Heritence, but as Individuals only a Republic can defend the Universal Principals that are our Rights as Human beings.

...the Problem did not start in 1974, it is the symptoms we experienced in 1963, the Intolerance which all Cypriots suffer only continued under the Illegal Occupation of the Turkish Army, and the continued denial that Turkish Foreign Poilcy of the last Century has failed (read: Annan Plan). I ask, if a Bicommunal system of Government is the quest, and if a Republic exists (in need of Constitutional Reform, of course), and a Turkish Constitiency exists, why not a Greek Constituency, as well as others? (Is it because Turkey cannot reform itself to be Bicommunal, that the “Turks” deny their own subjugation of the Kurds, (Armenians), Greeks, Alevi, who are Turkish, but not Turk?). (is it because the Greek elite on the island, by sheer numbers, and by Law, cannot be compelled to divide it?)

Why not a distinction between our Rights as Individuals, as Sovereign, as Citizens, as Equals, by having a State to represent our will as the Stewards of this island (and EEZ), as Cypriots, having a Government where there is no discrimination, where every vote is the same. and where Cyprus comes first.

...and if there exists a Greek Constituency in such a State, why not an equal to the other Cypriot Constituencies, where Cypriots, in their daily lives can be served by National Assemblies (and their Municipal Authorities), in a manner where as Persons, as an electorate, they address their needs as an Identity, as a majority, serving themselves, demonstrating their Goodwill, because they are also able in recognising and providing for the minorities among them, their needs as well.

In my Cyprus, Bizonal does not mean tearing the island in two, even if the Green Line remains little unchanged. If Sovereignty was off the table because as well as a Republic there existed a Greek Constituency, it would be possible to repopulate the island and to think futuristicly. There could exist Constitiuencies, Maronite, Armenian, Latin, English, and in the next two hundred years others, where Language and numbers warrant. I imagine that the Constituencies themselves could settle the Territorial Jurisdictions of their Governance (with a Greek Constituency), and unanimously present their demands as Corporations to their Federal Government for Charter. (and i imagine it satisfies Turkey's insistence on identifying people as "Turkish" and "not Turkish" ("Greek").)

...If (dare I say the dirty word), enclaves were introduced into the Cypriot political geography, it would be possible for Justice to be seen, at least for some of the displaced, both from '63, and '74, Greek, and Turkish, a return as they left, as Communities. And if enclaves spotted the entire island as it is divided today, it ends the significance of the 'border', it is just another frontier in a Country with many. They (enclaves) obliges the Greek and Turkish Constituencies to serve an electorate island-wide not just as "majorities", and they oblige them to serve a population that is Free in Movement, Association, and Expression, as Cypriots, these Rights are Supreme; it would not be hard to imagine, by choice, Greeks and Turks, living as minorities within this range of choices.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Memories of two Cyprus missions remain vivid for Port McNicoll man


..I would like to remind Canadians that the Cyprus Problem remains unsolved. Now as patience seems to be growing thin, it is important to remember that this issue is not about the enmity of "Greeks" and "Turks", it is about Intolerance. If the island remains divided, there will never be Peace, it will not be the end of a People who have survived thousands of years of subjugation, they will continue to struggle unfreed, but the Heritence (Lest we Forget) it represents to Mankind will be lost, from a demonstrated impotence toward "Turkishness", and not "Turkishness" ("Greek"). Indeed, not one UN soldier has been killed by the side of the island represented by "Greeks"; something to think about.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Re: The only Option for the Turkish Cypriots!


Viewpoint wrote:We do not need to or nor will we go away where other than our island we are here to stay, so deal with it. Do you accept a BBF with political equality of the 2 states at the federal level?

...its like Cyprus is only a speck of property with no people on it. Individual Rights seem to have no importance to you vp. you talk of two sterile units that are mono-clonal, that is either "Turkish", or not "Turkish", as though Cypriots do not exist, and that Cyprus is of no importance except as an extension of Turkish Foreign Policy. "we", as you describe are Persons, nothing else, but we are Human beings, and it is in this sense, i am compelled to respond, that in effect you deny equality. we are no longer chattel, there is Freedom, there is Equality as Individuals, Universal Principals which we, whether Greek or Turk or Cypriot, defend against the "we" you defend no better than a "Greek", (Lest we Forget) as Ignorant, because the thinking(read: intent) has more to do with Greed, rather than Liberty. you may put your "Turkishness" first, that does not make it right, and whether Cypriot by birth, lineage, or coincidence, in essence you are not Cypriot, you are an accessory to Crime. 

the only option for Turkish Cypriots, is the same option for Greek Cypriots, and that is to love each other, as Cypriots to say, i love Cyprus, first.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Our View: We created a state designed to serve the ruling elite


...and what is Cyprus but a template for elites further afield.
We may consider ourselves lucky, because having survived the attention of interlocutors for thousands of years in isolation, the Cypriot now has the means to express themselves as a Sovereign People who are no different and an equal within a larger family of man. Perhaps this crisis will make it clear to us, the value of our Heritance, to be Cypriots, rather than "Greeks", or "Turks".
Freedom has a heavy price, and part of that is overcoming the fears we have within ourselves. Have we learned the lessons of the First World War (as Human Beings) with so much energy placed on the adversarial nature of our Politics? Have we discovered that this hatred can serve the fight against bigger enemies (like Disease, and Hunger)? What of the elites, indeed, who do they represent?

Friday, September 06, 2013

Re: Cypriots are the minority...


...clear your mind for a moment Dr. if your intentions are the Freedom of Cyprus, and the Liberty of Cypriots, new thinking is needed.

i suggest the debate has been framed wrongly, a new perspective on the Problem is in order. because it suited the interlocutors, we are framed as "Turks" or not "Turks" ("Greeks"), and this has led to the marginalisation of Individual thinking. Those who are Cypriot, first, in this context are a minority, and as a minority like in any democracy, hold the balance of power. without a Cypriot movement, things stay the same, or worse return to the state of war, because this "Peace" is unnatural. 

so, we know that a Republic exists, and we know that the overwhelming population is Greek, we know that other Nations form a part of the Cypriot identity, and we know that a Turkish Constituency seeks an equal as Constituencies, i suggest that the "Greek" state we have can identify to itself without needing the State to be its exclusive representative as people. i suggest that a movement of Cypriots can become a significant political force, if there existed for Greek Cypriots a means for their self-representation and sustenance, as Persons. it allows for a debate as Stewards, as Citizens, as Individuals, rather than a People of a Nation, because the Nation has a voice. 

That federation would comprise a federal government with a single international personality, along with a Turkish Cypriot constituent state and a Greek Cypriot constituent state, which would be of equal status.

count them: three (at least) governing bodies.

...thus for Cyprus, i ask, "where is the Greek Constituency?"

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Syrian dilemma and the ‘who benefits?” tenet


Humanity, Lest we Forget, was taught a lesson, not long ago in 1914.
...have we learned it? There are no enemies but ourselves when it comes to Ignorance. Real enemies exist, and Hatred is a beautiful thing when it is applied against them: like Hunger, and Disease.
False Flag or not, Mankind should not be picking sides, as the adversaries have been framed, a more insidious foe festers (still).

Monday, August 26, 2013

Re: Deal Over Occupied Famagusta...???


indeed, like the formation of the IPO, blame was accepted. it is the same, Turkey can correct her own wrongs, it has nothing to do with the negotiations, or the Cyprus Problem, it is the recognition of fact from which an intention can be established, Cyprus a whole, Cypriots respected for what they are, not just "Turks", and "others", a People as proud.

you may demonstrate with all the examples you want, true, half-true, and out and out fabrications or lies, to make your point, vp, that your hatred has a reason to grow (and that this enmity will last forever). but, we are Humans, and as Cypriots, as a majority (80%) which is Greek, the compromise was made, it is not up to you ("you") to ask for more than that (a BBF). it is up to you to act accordingly; i ask, are you Cypriot? would you be glad to live as in any country, an Individual, whether the part of a majority or minority, equal. and as well, being a Person having a means to self-representation that equals other Persons? as a Citizen of the World (because you were not born in Cyprus, although here you want to stay), can you not see that your responsibility is toward the rest of Mankind (before your own distinctive preferences)? you vp, seek recognition of a State, so that there is a Greek State and a Turkish State, essentially to leave things the way they are. 

...what is wrong with one Republic, where if we are no different to Greece and Turkey, it is because Universal Principals are demonstrated by these States. and i suggest to you that we can as Cypriots choose to live in any one of many states as Cypriot Constituencies (bicommunally), this to you, it would seem to me, should be far more important than an airport, outside of the Republic's control impossible to "give".

...and anyway, you are doing just fine, if i am to believe what you say, (you need nothing from the Republic (if i am correct in my understanding of what you say)), it is a fine way to show goodwill, to just give back what you are not using (and that does not belong to "you").

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Maybe it’s time for a real partition to be negotiated


...if there is a Republic, and a Turkish Constituency, where is the Greek Constituency?

"That federation would comprise a federal government with a single international personality, along with a Turkish Cypriot constituent state and a Greek Cypriot constituent state, which would be of equal status."

...count them, three governing bodies.

With a Greek Constituency (and others, i.e. Maronite, Armenian, Latin) it is possible to have equality amongst people as Persons, (and dare i say it, with Cypriot Constituencies, the Cypriot People could elect to create an English Constituency, and in the future others if and when it is warranted).

With a Greek Constituency, regardless of demographics, Greek is sustained and promoted.

With a Greek Constituency, the State, and the Government which represents all Citizens without distinction or discrimination, is Free of this bias, (defending Greekness because the overwhelming majority of the island's population is Greek), more credible, it will be better able to defend our Individual Rights as members of the larger family, of Man.

Bicommunal does not mean tearing the island in two, but, it requires from all of us a willingness to overcome the fears we have within ourselves, to change our thinking, to demonstrate that Cypriots have an intent far more complex than being "Greeks" and "Turks" in a proxy war.

Just like the word Bicommunal, the word Bizonal is only complete if there are (more than) "two" of something which remains a whole. In my Cyprus, enclaves are not a dirty word, and I believe that Justice can be seen if they exist. What of the displaced, the murdered, and the missing, who were/are they that they suffered this fate, in '63, and in '74? What of their return if not for all of them, some of them as they were forced to leave, as Communities? I see enclaves pocketing the whole island, obliging the Greek and Turkish Constituencies to serve an electorate that is island-wide (and that is multi-cultural). I see enclaves as a key to securing: Free Association, Free Expression, Free Movement, because as Cypriots we would have these Rights. And, even if the "Green-Line" remains, it will no longer be a "border", but another frontier.

...dividing the island (as in separation) will not bring Peace, it is this hatred and endless cycle of revenge which must be willfully stopped. If we love Cyprus, it is Cyprus that comes first, it does not belong to "us" (read: "Greek"/"Turk"), we belong to it.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Re: Deal Over Occupied Famagusta...???


it is hypocrisy, vp, to lead us on. i speak of a better Cyprus, because things must change, you speak of the past as though things are unchanging, more possible, you do not want to change, yourself.

...with all the benefits of Famagusta, for "your side", even without asking for anything back, it is extraordinary, unnatural if you will. with your resistance no one gains, and it is not the Cypriots Turkish or Greek who make this impossible, it is the failed policies of Turkey which are the bane. 

...need i remind you, this issue has nothing to do with Turkish Cypriots, it is a war crime where Turkey can demonstrate their recognition of a wrongdoing.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Turkey - Preparing for Chaos


...the history i have read is still not clear to me, but at the advent, didn't Kemal turn to the Armenians in his dark hours, wasn't it this alliance, along with the Kurds, the impetus he needed to overcome his adversaries? it must have been, in the crisis, an idea that there was a prize bigger than a National identity, but Freedom, the Freedom of self-representation as Individuals, the founding of a State, where Universal Principals were the basis of the Liberty they establish. Turkey, and the meaning of the word Turk changed, although the betrayal in the Kemalists' (and Islamists') thinking came from greed, the denial of this fact, resisting this change with a strong sense of belonging, where in the affect it excludes "others". 

Turkey remains dysfunctional. there are many risks it faces as it is, that result in its break-up. it is a BBF, they need.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Austerity not territory defines N Cyprus poll


...many issues are coming to a boil, what with elections coming soon, in Turkey, and in Cyprus. Labour on both sides of the divide, (the Union voice in Turkey is another issue) in what is called, the Problem, have the Economic issue as a force through which they can combine their efforts, because their Unity is based on Universal Principals. Since a Greek Constituency exists, and a Turkish Constituency, should they found a Federation, workers will gain an identity as Individuals, because they are prepared to defend there Identities as Persons. It is a not so hard spark to imagine, money, since everyone cares what's in their pockets; a Cypriot Flag flown higher.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Re: TDP will get my vote in elections!


boycott in my mind is a big mistake. better to go to the poll and destroy the ballot. far more expression in that, a percentage of voters; otherwise, the boycotters if i can make up a word, are measured within a population who don't care in voting...

...if it were possible, this is the point i'd make to all Free thinking People, people can vote to defend Democracy, this choice in voting (a big "X" on all the candidates) also speaks words.

frankly bill, i don't know why this strategy is not used as a tactic, it is a powerful weapon against a dictatorship, which relies on Ballots secretly cast.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Latest update on oil disaster in North Cyprus

. is a shame that Turkey cannot show good neighbourly relations, or that the regime in the north cannot do more than follow orders. This opportunity to demonstrate that Cyprus comes first, was lost. What with oil being such a preoccupation of the Turkish Government, one would think that they would want to demonstrate their Leadership skills in this domain. What with the economy so frail in all these countries, it would have been a good way of moving the International community to take heart, that despite the politics, they can have confidence that some priorities rise above. Cyprus should not be divided, this is a good example why it is unnatural, such harm has evolved to be a disastrous state of affairs. Turkey, (read: Erdogan), cannot blame the Republic of Cyprus for this mess, (in his mind it must absolutely not exist) although I expect shortly a statement from his Cabinet, that they are blameless,

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Re: interesting documentary


...indeed, i remember Solomou, and what worried me was the total lack of discipline. it is entirely possible that what is the TA in Cyprus is a sham, compared at least to troops well trained for fighting. when Lordo goes off with his horror stories, it in essence makes the same point, only the frame of mind interprets the meaning differently. we can all be angry at the "Greeks" and the "Turks" among us, none of them are blameless, but it is an irrational extension of thought to imagine that all Greeks, and all Turks, are these extremist.

...what are the Cypriots, if they continue to remain silent, they are accessories to those who continue in their denial of a Human Race toward "winning" as Persons. ("this must stop"). there is a big difference between our Identities, as Individuals that is the Freedom we accept as Universal Principals, and Liberty. in Cyprus we have agreed to demonstrate to the rest of the world, a manner of living where there is a State, one country, with a Government which defends the Rights of all its Citizens without any distinction or discrimination as equals, and where equally, Cypriot Constituencies can, through their electorate, effect their own distinct Identities; three governing bodies (at least); (two levels of Government) this is Bi-communal. 

...thus, i ask, where is the Greek Constituency? i ask, and what about the Maronites, Latins, and Armenians, do they not have an equal need to sustain themselves?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Re: ...a bridge to Lebanon

Re: ...a bridge to Lebanon


Iliaktida, welcome.

...the worst person i ever met in my life was a Cypriot pimp in London, i was so ashamed of him that i chased him out of Piccadilly Square. i like to think, that in the extremes, i'd find at least as many who are the best people to meet, and by my own experience this too is true.

we are lucky to have such diversity as Individuals, and just as important the diversity we have as Cultures (Lebanon and Cyprus) in our Persons. the bridge will, if it has a benefit in terms of its cost, improve social-exchange no doubt.

...Turkey regardless will want a Tribute, she is always busy meddling in all her neighbours' affairs.

regional cooperation will become paramount in the future because of the sea, and our need to protect it from ruin in our efforts to exploit its resources. indeed, for Cyprus to survive it must become the facilitator of these efforts.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Cyprus :: 18 Million Crossings...!!! - Page 16

Cyprus :: 18 Million Crossings...!!! - Page 16


...i am still unsure, after-all he was born (by his/her own terms) English, how vp can speak of a Heritance of 400 yrs. i have said, what do i know, i come from a "mixed" village.

...i think claret, it can be best described this way, when a Greek says, "we", he is usually including Humanity, not unlike a Turk. but when a "Turk" says we, it should be taken to mean Turkey's deep state, not unlike a "Greek".

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Plan for new Cyprus vote casts uncertainty on bailout


...i would vote yes, because it is possible to withdraw later. we need to demonstrate with Europe solidarity. even the economy is small pickings, compared to the war Cypriots must win, for Freedom (and Liberty) in general and, for themselves. it was not that long ago that Angela Merkel stood with us against Turkey's designs; we cheered.

...a bitter pill we are swallowing, nothing comes for free, if we can demonstrate a cooler resolve that others hold in high esteem, it makes us stronger still. at this point it is too late to vote, "no". already naysayers in the EU, for whatever reason (read:motive) are linking the financial crisis to the Problem. it is inevitable, because the logic when twisted this way opens the Judgement of Cypriots as Persons, easy to dismiss the fact that they are Individuals, to be labelled "Greeks" and "Turks", and divided as such Cyprus for Cypriots no more.

...our Banks will return better than ever, one way or the other, i don't doubt that Cypriots will rise to the task most admirably, it would not be the first time. but, money is not the problem, the Problem is the problem.

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Cyprus Deal: Real Stories - Businessweek

The Cyprus Deal: Real Stories - Businessweek


It is a sad day for the European Union when their Bankers cannot see a bigger picture as Investors.

Cyprus is very special. Geographically it represent the cross-road for three continents, (except as a backwater under 350 years of Ottoman occupation) and it has done so for thousands of years. Taken in context, the 'confidence' issue is a sham because it was only under their own efforts, once Independence was established in 1960, that a network of asphalt roads island-wide was built, as well as a drinking water infrastructure. Never mind the coup in '74 which failed because the "Greeks" of Cyprus did not support it, and never mind the 'Peace Operation', so intricately entwined with it, which left 1/3 of the population homeless in less than two weeks, (the forgotten example of 'cleansing' before Bosnia), by the Turkish Army which occupies illegally more than 50% of its coastline, and its most productive land, still. Cypriots, are heroic in their efforts so far, and they have demonstrated their resolve to defend Universal Principals based on the Rule of Law, with ingenuity and resolve.
In such a weakened state, bullied only because "they" are small, will cooler heads prevail on the political front when Europe soon must face the real Cyprus Problem (and Turkey)? Like the banks (for a few Euros), will she allow the island to be torn in two because it is easy?
...solidarity, as Human Beings, that's what Europe won a Nobel Prize for.

With such a poor result on this issue, I feel more worried for the rest of us, not the Cypriots that so well somehow, have endured heavily their price for Freedom.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Cyprus :: Greece To Declare EEZ...??? - Page 6

Cyprus :: Greece To Declare EEZ...??? - Page 6: Re: Greece To Declare EEZ...???


@ Oceanside; we may hope that this man will give the other Leadership in Europe the courage to look at the facets that make up the European face. he has not done much to remove the tarnish on Turkey that his Party has made, although such twisted speech gives rise to the questions, Zionist-Jew, Christian-European, Terrorist-Islam, Occidental-Oriental (remember him inviting Native Americans to visit Turkey; they are both from China: brothers), it is nothing more than news to feed an electorate that is ready to die proud, for internal consumption, this food for thought can go both ways. everyone is made up of the same flaws, it is why transference works so well when it comes to spreading guilt, and with it hatred.

beside the EEZ with Greece, there are the Syrians, the Kurds, Iraq, never mind the Armenians, the Greek Orthodox Church, and the Cypriots who demonstrate remarkable Patience and restraint. and no, i didn't forget Israel...

only a genius could run a country, like Turkey, with so many pots on the fire, with an economy no one dares to scrutinise, and a significant body of this population fanatical as he who support him. but with Europe it is another matter, the war is far more subtle, if he cannot make it "better", i think he intends to take it down.

...hope your right; in the sense that Turkey should continue to join with the west to beat at our perceptions so that they can become more refined, lovingly against the efforts made to deny that the west to be whole is Muslim, too. afterall, there is One God, isn't there?

@ my Gig, look at the map, Europe wins, Cyprus is the fulcrum, Greece against Turkey or Turkey against Greece, it is a lever. otherwise it is two big sticks that are equal. splitting Cyprus, for warring parties of course, is ideal leaving it impotent, war there, as though Cypriots do not exist. the gesture was Mankind's, that created Cyprus, it was born from new beginnings with the Modern Age, for Peace. i hope that we can remember the vision of the Men before these moments who sacrificed their lives for us to understand that war is not terrible, and hate is good, but against real enemies, not each other; Lest We Forget. at this point a new frontier is opening, (we are talking Gaz here but generally, the Information Age) and Turkey is very late, if Greece is quick enough (and Europe is willing).

Friday, February 22, 2013

Cyprus :: From 300 t0 3900 ............ - Page 3

Cyprus :: From 300 t0 3900 ............ - Page 3


Cypriotism, is not dead as you say, that is your opinion speaking as a "Turk". i suggest, what is dead is Turkey's push to identify the Problem as one between Turks and Greeks (Turkey and Greece). with the creation of the EU, and the membership of Cyprus within it, forces are naturally evolving for these acts to be demonstrated with the creation of one Cyprus, finally Free and Sovereign, rather than a piece of real-estate torn in two.

...vp, i am fighting for survival, i never chose any of them, i always understood that these forms of expression have within them an Ignorance i must hate, (does that make me less "Greek", or more "Turkish"?), and i am old enough to remember Cyprus before Turkey chose to plunder what belongs to civil people. this is wrong, if you are Turkish, rather than within a deeper state of "Turkishness", because it is not Human. you fear "Greeks", (so do i) and you choose to be as a "Turk" against them. yet, you, in effect, choose to deny the world is changing around you hatefully, not even selectively, resisting changes to the dogma you follow, blindly. i choose Love to better myself.

it is not so simple, Cyprus, and Cypriots, exist.

...what is becoming clear to me is that the effort Turkey has placed in her external affairs for fifty years, culminated with the Annan Plan, and it failed. the notion of "Turks" and "Greeks" is over, Cyprus this time has a chance to express Cypriotness, a notion that Cyprus is equal to Turkey, and that in Turkey it could happen that they too would reform, so that Liberty is defined, as Free Countries, Bizonal and Bicommunal, for their Citizens without discrimination or distinction, and for their Identities as Persons as well.

Re: The "police" and Torture Regime of "TRNC"


...Lordo, did it cross your mind that Cypriots, the "Greeks" did not fight because they too, did not support the coup. that trust was betrayed by Turkey, with the actions which followed. if anything, imagine the possibility of double Enosis, had the coup been supported, and consider Cypriots completely ignored by these adversaries, given that the idea of tearing the island in two originally, was not Cypriot, but foreign.

...war is the answer, to feed a hatred. it is good, because through it there are powerful forces which can be realised. Lest We Forget. why not choose real enemies Lordo, have you learned? i am Greek, and i suppose if i was German i'd be just as proud, why speak for "Turks", if you are Cypriot, and Turkish, let them speak for themselves. act accordingly.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cyprus :: a private investigation...Cyprus Bailout.

Cyprus :: a private investigation...Cyprus Bailout.


...i'll say that Cyprus will come out stronger for this, although it is a witch hunt. those Germans who are in such a rush to demean what seems like a puny economy to save a buck are mistaken, and should be well advised to consider the credibility they represent, when what comes around, goes around. is the perfect opportunity for the EU to bone-up, by demonstrating solidarity. and should the investigation find some crime, which it would in any State, to treat the Criminal, if it is made public, without exploiting what shame it brings as guilt by association to the Rule of Law. without Grace, such action, at this point, when France or Italy falters, or Spain, will be too late. Europe will be the sham.

let's not forget that Cyprus has been a net contributor to Europe so far. it leads with great esteem, as a Maritime, Trading, and/or Financial partner, Internationally. never mind how socialised it is, or that strategically, it is the gateway Europeans have to two other Continents. it was nothing more than a backwater, for about 350 years, under Ottoman occupation. it fared better under British rule, but it was only in 1960 that these people finally provided for themselves for the first time as this island's dwellers, asphalt roads, and a drinking water system, which they did not have before.

imagine, a People thousands of years old existing under subjugation, and suddenly Free; the Cypriots, i think have demonstrated Heroic efforts toward improving themselves since then, and with a Tolerance exemplary given that 1/3 of its population can be defined as displaced, since 1974, and for the first time torn in two, as History states by an, Illegal, occupation where only Turkey refuses to recognise simple Universal Principals, and thus, where Cypriots are not defined as those who Love Cyprus, but, as in some Proxy War: as "Greeks", and "Turks".

Europe cannot ignore the huge potential that Cyprus represents. it's relations with many other neighbours is hopeful, what with the anticipated wealth that can be found within the management together, of their natural resources.

...just because things can go "boom", should we be playing with them; maybe private is good if it is kept private: already there are many fires.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Cyprus :: Water - The Propaganda Regime of "TRNC" ...??? - Page 5

Cyprus :: Water - The Propaganda Regime of "TRNC" ...??? - Page 5

. are mistaken, vp. we are all looking forward to a Turkey which is positive, and an International leader, because it is so powerful. when it comes to the betterment of the Human condition, here is another opportunity. we regret, that in the past Turkey's efforts only caused the stagnation to continue, and in a manner where fear does not cease, neither the efforts put to hatred. as "Turkishness" goes, without Charity and Grace there is no profit, their fellow Men have only their own Hope for guidance, this leadership tarnishes themselves. ...perhaps a little effort on your part, Lordo, would be useful, can your engineer friend provide us with facts, where we (the readership) can decide for ourselves? question becomes, are you Cypriot? do you love this island? what is best (not just for "Turks")?

...allow me to be wrong, but i still think blimps are a better idea, as something new, pipelines we (Mankind) have, heavy lifting by air (over long distances and at sea) is limited.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Re: What is needed for recognition?


...boulio, wouldn't it be nice if the Cypriot Constituencies (Turkish and Greek) could dicker out their respective Territorial Jurisdictions if above their authority there is a Republic of Cyprus which represents all its Citizens as Sovereign, and as Individuals, like in any other State, as equals and without any distinction or discrimination? it is possible, and moreso better serves the needs and desires of this island's dwellers. Bicommunal is not a dirty word, and it does not mean tearing the island in two. you may want Cyprus divided (somehow), but do you want our Basic Rights, Your Individual Rights, reduced to a question of ethnicity, because as a Person you are "Greek" or "Turk"? i like to remember that above all we are members of a single "race" called Humanity, and i suspect that you do too.

Bicommunal requires three governing bodies, at least. and if there is a Republic, as well as a Turkish Constituency, there should exist a Greek Constituency. what you prove is that this willingness to discuss Jurisdictions exists. it is not so difficult, as we can see, without or outside the question of Statehood, if our Freedom is secured because we are united as Human Beings, to better that which we defend as Individuals, Universal Principals, and the Liberty we seek as Persons should not be confused as being one in the same.

vp wants the discussion to unfold as though only "Greeks" and "Turks" exist, as though Cyprus and Cypriots do not exist, if this is what you want, so be it, everyone is entitled to their opinion, if not you are seeking Liberty without Freedom.