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Cyprus :: What does 'Enosis' mean to you, today? - Page 5#p711686

Cyprus :: What does 'Enosis' mean to you, today? - Page 5#p711686


you see vp, i/I fight for Cyprus. everyday i used to tend my trees, our trees were tended too.

were you here before the "fait accompli"? it is the "Greeks" and the "Turks" who have held their

debate without success, it is about time for the Greeks and Turks to create their own Agenda.

...but what do i know, coming from a "mixed" village.

enosis, better means, to mend. its meaning Historically changed over time. i take it to mean

the future as one. you, if you are a "Turk", take it to mean belonging to Greece, or belonging

to Turkey, as though this is correct thinking. i say as Cypriots we have the great distinction of defining

the words Nation and State more clearly, and demonstrating to the rest of Mankind a meaning for

the word, Bicommunal, (and now Bizonal), in a manner which can be held in high esteem by its emulation;

please read my manifesto, and need i remind you, your observations are important to me,

after all some of it came from your inspiration.

...don't make me your enemy, just because it seems, you can no longer ignore my attention; that's too easy.

dude, those PM's you sent long ago, do you remember sending them? what makes you think anything has changed,

you wanted to be freinds, and we were united with one idea, that Cyprus belongs to Cypriots, not "Greeks" and "Turks",

being Bicommunal, i say all Cypriots are Cypriots first when it comes to defending their State as Individuals, being

Bicommunal means, as well, National Assemblies, and being Bizonal means Territorial Jurisdictions, where Cypriots

by where they reside are Minorities or Majorities within an electorate of Persons (a National Assembly) so that through

their self-representation as Greeks, Turks, Maronites, Armenians, (Jews, British,) and Romes they can sustain a Living

Heritance with their respect and recognition for the "others" amongst them, while they vote as well for a Government

for their Republic, each citizen with one vote for the Betterment of Human Conditions. not dismiss the fact that "Greeks" and "Turks" are a set within larger circles of Greeks and Turks who in a wider sense are no different to the other Communities who can call Cyprus a Home. the debate as it is, is flawed. Mankind, as you say, 'gifted' Cyprus to Cypriots. only "Greeks" and "Turks", over this, express their discontent. "Turks" think they have the demographic stranglehold to leave Cyprus an impotent speck of geography like it was before the Treaty of Lausanne, i say Greeks and Turks, Maronites, etc. are headed toward extinction fast, and that the population of Cyprus is 12.5 million sooner than later.

...vp, things can't stay the same forever, Freedom for Cyprus, one Government one Country; Freedom for Cypriots, many National Assemblies.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Cyprus :: What does 'Enosis' mean to you, today? - Page 2#p711361

Cyprus :: What does 'Enosis' mean to you, today? - Page 2#p711361


Viewpoint wrote:

Viva la Enosis with Turkey.

...indeed, Cyprus and Turkey need to be allied, joined in a common cause. if the EU is a great experiment toward lasting peace, it is Turkey where a frontier is best established, so too Cyprus. enosis, as OP said, is not a bad word.

...your point is not well taken, perhaps, although it is ironically food for thought. "Greekness" (looking West) is taken as the Democratic Value where as Citizens we are equally involved in bettering our lives as a whole. "Turkishness" (looking East), i take to mean the Ottomans, who sucked the life out of the glorious Arabic civilization, and all its Peoples, not unlike their work ies stin poli, and Cyprus which became a backwater. certainly modern Turkey is not the ideal of Ataturk, it is the Kemalists who see people as Turkish from their "Turkishness", that fails this great State to benefit their Nation. i've said many times before vp, and i hope you think about it, this is not a Greek/Turkish issue, it is a not a "Greek"/"Turkish" issue either, it is a "Greek", "Turkish"/ Greek, Turkish issue.

we, being the vanguard vp, that is to say as a Citizen of the World, should act accordingly.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

...peace talks likely to halt in July

Cyprus bicommunal discussion and chat forum : GOODWILL FORWARD#87837



"Downer said talks are stalled on how executive power would be shared under an envisioned federation and on how to deal with private property that was lost during the invasion."


That federation would comprise a federal government with a single international personality, along with a Turkish Cypriot constituent state and a Greek Cypriot constituent state, which would be of equal status.


“It’s not so much that it would take time to achieve them, it would take political decisions to achieve them,” he said


...if only Eroglu had an ally in the Greeks, Maronites, Armenians, and Latins who sustain like him their Persons, an identity that is distinct. If only Mr. Chistofias did not have to represent "Greeks", but instead Cypriots without discrimination; that might be a constructive debate, toward what already has been agreed.

As it is, a Greek Constituency is missing from the negociations, and for them to fructify: a Federal Government must exist, (and at least) a Turkish Constituency, and a Greek Constituency must exist.

...and what of the displaced? From '63 and '74, would it not be Justice seen if they returned as they left, at least for some, as Communities? Wouldn't enclaves prove a benefit, if they were to spot the entire island, in providing territorial jurisdictions to the People as Persons within National Assemblies, as well as a way to end Turkey's 'fait accompli'? Even if the Green Line remained, unchanged, it would become another frontier, completely redundant as a militarised border. Free Movement, Free Association, and Free Expression, aren't they secured (for all), if a Cypriot is a Cypriot first, Free to choose where they live, as a Minority, or as a Majority, as Grecophones and Turcophones, able to receive service island-wide? .

As a "Greek/Turkish" conflict, the issue fails endlessly repeating itself without an answer for Cypriots. Turkey's ambition, what with their Army's illegal occupation, their agenda first, (changing the toponomy and demographics of the island), and their proxy war against "Greeks", (as well as the Turks who are not "Turkish" enough), it is disappointing to see what they do provide to Cypriots in the north, nothing near the wealth of their fellow Cypriots in the south, speaking Democracy, not even a decent Rule of Law. Turkey, the regional Superpower, should be able to do far better than that for who they call Turks of Cyprus; never mind the bullying and the gunboat diplomacy of late.

...but the Cyprus Problem is not Turkey's issue alone, and only Cypriots can prevail. As Individuals, my hope is that they, Cypriots as a whole, will make it very hot for Mr. Erdogan this summer with his partition (read:annexation), plans. Like the Freedom Riders they'll drive their cars in convoys right round the whole island flying Cyprus' flag, demonstrating that they are Humans first, for Universal Principals, against their subjugation, and like Greeks and Turks, unlike the "Greeks" and "Turks" amongst them.

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Cyprus :: Kibrislis Vs Settlers - Page 17#p709914

Cyprus :: Kibrislis Vs Settlers - Page 17#p709914

I have a question, why does the RoC allow the settlers to pass the check points firstly and why are we giving them jobs? If they are occupiers of our land and think they can stop a cypriot from enjyoing their Country fully and freely


...the Republic of Cyprus has no such luxury, it is a Free country where they do not represent just "Greeks", (and need i mention for a BBF to work Greeks should have their own National Assembly, like the Turks, so too Maronites, and Armenians), the Government, this one and in the future a Federal Government, to be credible, first is a representive of a wider Family, of Man. we all deserve the benefit of the doubt if we live respectfully, we are productive, and we follow the rules. a whole society cannot be dismissed because within this community there exists transients and malcontents; better exchange and dialog is essential to control a condition where such Individuals are identified, this comes from Goodwill. the north such days are eye-openers, people leaving, people staying, natural gaz, and more discontent from less money, we are expecting a summer that is hot when Turkey wails, it will be hard for the Kibrisli, harder even still without all Cypriots behind their resistence. but i am hoping for more humour than that, the flag thing has stuck now, i tell you it would be nice to see them flying from car antennas in convoys right round the island, that at least is something that would make them laugh.